Hints and Tools To Stop Drinking

Avoid Triggers to Quit Drinking Alcohol. Photo by  Olesya Yemets .

Avoid Triggers to Quit Drinking Alcohol. Photo by Olesya Yemets.

Many of the clients who come to me seeking alcohol treatment are understandably hesitant about socializing. The world, after all, is full of triggers. It’s understandable that people who struggle with addiction need to know the right steps for living a life full of social engagement. Also, if you are looking for alcohol treatment in Los Angeles, you’re not alone. According to recent figures, as many as 60,000 people in Los Angeles seek treatment for addiction every year.

To Stop Drinking: Avoid Visual Triggers

You should feel entitled to go to parties and celebrations for friends and family. When you go, avoid visual reminders of alcohol. For example, during a holiday party, don’t stand next to or near the bar.  When seated at a restaurant, sit with your back turned to the bar. Always remember that your friends and colleagues also want to help you during your alcohol treatment. Always ask the person sitting next to you to move their drink further away from you or ask if you can switch places with someone.

Keep Alcohol OUT of the Home

I repeatedly suggest to clients in early recovery that the right step is to put as many obstacles between them and using as possible.  This means not keeping alcohol in the home.  If your partner or roommate drinks, have them store their bottles in a location unknown to you.  At the very least, I encourage to not have bottles visible where they could possibly be triggering.

Stay Active to Stop Drinking

When clients are extremely triggered, I suggest they engage in an activity.  Taking a shower, even if it would be the second one of the day, is a great idea.  One rarely leaves a shower feeling the same way as when they entered. The same is true of a movie or lunch with a friend. When you engage in other activities, you can distract yourself from the trigger until it passes.

No matter what steps you take, the right step will involve talking to an experienced and licensed therapist in Los Angeles. We will work together to help you understand the source of your substance abuse, and put together a long-term plan to help you stop drinking and free you from addiction.

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